Image Precautions about renting a car in Belgium

Precautions about renting a car in Belgium

Precautions about renting a car in Belgium

If you want to enjoy more the visit tour in Belgium, driving a car is always better. It allows to find out more attractions and makes you feel freer during your trip. All you have to do is find the right car for your road trip and learn more about the places that you want to discover.

In Belgium, you have a large number of choices thanks to the many rental car companies which allow you to find the car of your preference. eDreams; an online travel agency can suggest you the best car for your tour visit in Belgium. However, you need to get to know some rules and make precautions while traveling to make sure your road trip is safe and comfortable.

General precautions

Before leaving, there are a few things that you should not neglect for a road trip to Belgium. 

  • You have to be at least 21 years old in order to rent a car and the minimum age for driving is 18 years of age. 
  • Make sure you have a valid driver's license from EU or overseas. 
  • Find the best agency that can suggest you the right car for the trip. I suggest eDreams as your partner. 
  • Choose the right car that suits your needs and likes. You might go to dirty and rocky road, so make sure the car is strong enough for your visit tour. But normal car is alright if you don't expect to go far from the city. 
  • When driving in Belgium, using tolls is paid on various mountain roadways and the Liefenhoeks tunnel of Antwerp.

Rules and regulations while driving

As in other countries, traffic laws are really important wherever you drive. That is why you need to learn more about the rules and regulations that are applied in Belgium to avoid damage and bad things that might happen. 

  • Make sure you put on your seat belt while driving. 
  • In Belgium, you have to drive on the right side. 
  • Drink-driving is deeply forbidden in Belgium. The level of alcohol must not be above 0.49 percent. If not you will be stopped from driving with a fine of 150 euros. 
  •  If you travel with children, you will be required to use a suitable child-restraint system. 
  • Be careful when you are overtaking because certain areas are prohibited. 
  • Parking is paid in blue marking areas. 
  • In general, the speed limit depends on the regions where you are but it is limited at 120 km/h on motorways. You can also check the road signs to get instructions about the speed limit.

Traveling to Belgium

To make your trip easier and safer, choosing a travel agency is really necessary. If it is the case, there is no need for you to spend much time arranging your flight, hotel and your rental car. They will arrange everything for you. eDreams is one of the best online travel agencies that you can rely on. All you have to do is visit its website to learn more about the services that they offer to their universal clients.

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