Image Discover Benelux countries on road trip

Discover Benelux countries on road trip

For those who like road trip or want to make a road trip during their holidays, here are the Benelux countries, the perfect place to go for that. Let yourself be lulled by adventure, meetings and discovery according to your desires on a road trip.

It is an interesting and beneficial way to be closer to your friends or family members. Be attentive to your wishes and be flexible, this will allow you to have less stress and savor every discovery on a daily basis.

The Benelux countries are charming; it's a world apart. Exploring them in a road trip makes it possible to discover new facades such as the immense Dutch and Flemish houses, the immeasurable architecture of the old churches and the extension of their green gardens.

Netherlands: a unique distinction

In addition to rich cultural experiences, this country has everything to make your road trip one of the most unforgettable moments of your life.

Wherever you go, you will find water; as a result, you can stop and go sailing or ice skating or even power boating. Dutch specialties such as bitterballen or Dutch crepes offer you new and delicious ingredients. Many opportunities are possible in the Netherlands such as: ­

  • The discovery of the largest fortification with breathtaking views ­
  • Visit and photo breaks in the large garden of Keukenhof ­
  • The discovery of one of the largest nature reserves named Hoge Veluwe National Park ­
  • The discovery of the windmills of Kinderdijk. ­

The discovery of the unique museums of northern Europe which offers the chance to see the masterpieces of the famous painters Vermeer, Rembrandt or Van Eyck.

Luxembourg and its authentic charms

By going at your own pace, you can make a few stops in this country by discovering the many castles and refuges that date from several eras. Knights and monks lived there and left behind memories of their cultures and the natural environment that sparks your curiosity and invites you to discover other facets.

Those who prefer adventures in dark places and wine sampling will be delighted because Grevenmacher or Remich and other places will offer a break away from everyday life. Many activities are available such as hiking on the Mullerthall Trail and mountain biking in the Redlands area.


The Essence of Europe or Belgium has an extraordinary architecture thanks to these folk pavements. You can enjoy several dishes since the kitchen is part of their specificities. You can have a choice between all the restaurants you will find in almost every corner. In just a few laps, you will have the chance to admire these wonders: ­

  • The northern plains crossed by canals ­
  • The hills of the southern Ardennes massif ­
  • The cities of Antwerp, Bruges, Liege or Tournai ­
  • The various castles of Wallonia

Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that a road trip requires preparation in advance for the choice of the car, equipment or destinations. To do this, check with eDreams, a trusted site that will be of great help, which will provide all the necessary information. eDreams can also help you book some places you want to visit at reasonable rates.

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